Forumotions Promise

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Forumotions Promise

Hello, our first Subject is about Forumotions Promise.

Forumotion promises:

  • Free and unlimited forum. Unlimited messages and users!
  • Change your forum version at any moment !
    phpBB2 | phpBB3 | punBB | Invision
  • Free image hosting !
  • Domain name + Customized e-mails !
  • Automatic and secured updates.
  • Chat box, gallery, portal, calendar, Role playing game...
  • 7000+ free skins for your forums!
The Promise about the "Free and unlimited forum + messages and Users:
Yes, Forumotion is free but not full unlimited.
We could have so much members how we want but not so much Messages. But I think 4 Billion Messages are enough for every Forum you want create for free.

But Forumotion says "Unlimited Forum", but you can create only 500 HTML Pages. That is enough for the most of us, but not unlimited Smile

The point "Free image hosting":

Forumotion uses Servimg to host pictures. This is their own Image Hosting service, but its a bit slower than other image Hosting Services. And you are registered there automatically when you registered a Account in any Forumotion Forum. This is for all your Users and you can't deny it!

The point "Domain name + Customized e-mails":
I really don't know what Forumotion mean with this Point, a normal domain name has every Forum Very Happy
But let me explain it - when you create a Forum you will get your Forum as a Subdomain. Example: ..and you can buy a domain Name, but this isn't Important BUT when your Forum is activ Forumotion give you a Free Domain Name (.com, .net, .org, .info) and that is a great service!

Forumotion promise "Automatic and secured updates":
Yes.. you get automatic Updates and the Updates are safe but you cant install your own Updates and the Updates from Forumotion are not very often.

Chat box, gallery, portal, calendar, Role playing game...
Aye, you have an Chatbox but this hasn't any functions like sound or PMs.
Yo, you get a Gallery but you have not much Memory and when you would more you must buy memory.
The other two features are okay.. only the Role Playing game isn't good! Nothing is automatic and there are not many features.

And the Last Point "7000+ free skins for your forums!":
Forumotion has an own Style Database but the software is old and if you would install an Phpbb2 Style with Template editing, the Templates are set to default..

So, this are the Features and the Promise from Forumotion. I hope you have a good Overview Smile


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